U.S. Office of Government Ethics
Misuse of Position Employee Crossword Puzzle
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2. You can't use ________ information to further your own private interest or that of another
5. Generally, you can't use your government title or position to ________ any product, enterprise, or service
7. Generally, you canít use your position, title, or ________ associated with your public office to imply that your agency Sanctions your outside activities
9. You can't use government property, including the services of ________, for unauthorized purposes
11. Unless authorized, playing games on your office computer is a misuse of official ________and government property
12. Widely-used and misused piece of government equipment


1. You are to protect and ________ government property
3. Your ________ can't ask you to shop for his wifeís birthday present during duty hours
4. Recommending your neighbor for a federal job on agency ________ is ok if you have personal knowledge of his abilities or character
6. You canít use your public office for private ________
8. Donít use your public office to ________ yourself or others
10. You learn on the job that Company X found the cure for a major disease. You may not buy ________ in Company X before your agency announces the company found the cure


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